1. For the OELMA conference, we’ll use a badging platform called We chose this platform for several reasons: it’s made here in Michigan, it’s open source (so nobody is making a profit), and it bridges between both physical and virtual badges.

2. At sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to fill out an exit slip and earn a sticker badge. That’s fun — you can stick it to your name tag’s ribbon as evidence of what you’ve been doing. You can use those badges to strike up conversations with new colleagues, too.

3. But badges are more than just stickers. You may notice a six-letter code on your badge. That gives you the chance to claim your badge online at (Sorry – the small QR codes don’t scan well and are on the to-be-fixed list, so don’t be surprised if yours doesn’t work — just stick with the six-character code.)

4. Before you claim your first badge, you’ll want to create a account. You’ve probably used a service like OpenID, your Facebook login, or your Google account to create an account on a third-party site before. uses the open-source, free user sign-in tool called Mozilla Persona.

5. To create your account, go to and click the blue sign in arrow. You’ll find it in two places on the screen. This will open up a Mozilla Persona window. If it takes more than a minute for it to prompt you to enter your email address, close the window and try again.

6. You’ll be prompted to type in your email address. You may find it helpful to write down which email address you used for this.

7. You’ll be prompted to type in your preferred password twice. Again, you may wish to write this down somewhere.

8. You’ll be prompted to check your email for a confirmation notice. If you don’t see it in your inbox after a couple of minutes, check your Spam folder.

9. After you’ve clicked the link in your confirmation email, go back to You should be logged in. Now you can type in the code from your badge into the Claim Award from Code box in the center of your screen.

10. Any questions or concerns? Email us at oelmabadges [at] gmail [dot] com.


1.  Undoubtedly, as badges grow in popularity, you’ll participate in other learning activities that issue badges. There are lots of badge-issuing platforms already on the market, and there are more being developed. You need a central places that all of your badges can live. Luckily, that’s what Mozilla Backpack is for: to gather up all of your badges in a single location, kind of like a resume for the digital age!

2. Want to set up your Mozilla Backpack? Go to and click “Sign In.”

3.  A new pop-up screen will appear.  If you already have a Mozilla Persona account (you used it to log into above), use your email address and password to log in.

4. If you have not already signed up with Persona, enter a valid email address and, on the next screen, a password.

5.  Log in to your email using the address that you provided.  An email will have been sent to you in order to confirm this account.  Open the email and click on the link provided.

6.  You will be redirected to log in to Mozilla Persona using the email address and password provided in steps 3 &4.

7. If you get stuck, check out this screen cast to help you out.

8. Now, whenever you earn a badge in, click on the badge’s “click to add to Mozilla Backpack” option.

9. Have questions? Email us! oelmabadges [at] gmail [dot] com.


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