They Just Don’t Understand Me!

Sue Subel’s session, “They Just Don’t Understand Me!”

Description:Feeling like no one understands you? Feel like no one knows or understands what it is you do in the library? Then TELL them! How this school librarian offered to present at the board of education meeting and later had the school board president request a one-to-one session on how to use databases! Presenter will share full presentation and resources used.

Sue hopes that attendees will be able to: …participants will be able to come up with an idea of how they can inform and show their constituents (parents, board of education, community, administration, etc.) what the role is of the school library in learning.

Brittany F. learned some great resources to promote the importance of the library in a school and plans to share these resources with her administration and use it when she starts doing monthly newsletters.

Katy M. learned why advocacy is so important and plans to show it by the school board.

Monica L. learned valuable resources for her students and how much bad information our kids are using and plans to talk to her school board and come up with info regarding how her students use resources.

Stacey G. learned to promote her library and plans to promote her library and what she knows.


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