Supporting and Supplementing Your K-5 Science Curriculum

Marcia Young’s session, “Supporting and Supplementing Your K-5 Science Curriculum”

Description: This year across Ohio K-5 teachers are implementing new science standards and curriculum. This session will highlight materials that support the new Ohio K-5 science standards. Leave with a list of materials that might be what your teachers most need as they build new science units and research projects for their students.

Marcia hopes attendees will be able to: identify the science units for each grade level K-5 and be aware of library materials available to purchase that support each unit.

Angela M. learned “major science units for k-5 with key words and book titles to support the units” and plans to “use the handout for collection development, share the handout with my PLC.”

Ann O. learned “[that] text complexity refers to richness of language versus the difficulty level  of the words” and plans to “evaluate the age of the elementary non-fiction collection and weed out-dated materials, purchase materials aligned to the Common Core.”

Brittany F. learned “how important my role as the teacher librarian is to the new core curriculum” and plans to “promote the resources and skills the library provides to my teachers and how it supports their curriculum.”

Cheryl A. learned “some great [non-fiction] titles” and plans to “purchase updated science titles.”

Diane M. learned “ideas for purchasing science materials to support the curriculum” and plans to “research suggested sites, titles, and suggested series to support my current collection.”

Diane S. learned “ways to make research projects more into higher-level thinking skills – also, got a great list of science books” and plans to “review my Science Collection and purchase materials to support the Common Core Standards! Collaborate with teacher to create higher-level thinking skills/goals.”

Jackie Y. learned “the recommended percentages for FIC vs. NonFic” and plans to “weed Non-Fic.”

Kate H. learned “how to help my teachers with the new science curriculum” and plans to “order books to support the curriculum; AIMS teacher resource.”

Kathy M. learned “that I need to pay more attention to complex text” and plans to “weed.”

Lara W. learned “that many of my elementary books are probably not up-to-date and/or Common Core appropriate – UGH!” and plans to “use Marcia’s lists!  Thank you so much!”

Laura D. learned “some explanation of Common Core as it relates to science and list some titles suitable for grades K-5” and plans to “share with grade-level teachers – study Common Core/science more.”

Martha W. plans to “share bibliography with [my] third grade teacher.”

Mary Ann P. learned “[sic] many good books to support science” and plans to “go home and recommend books to science teachers.”

Nellie S. learned “about some great books to add to our library collection” and plans to “share these resources with teachers and build our non-fiction collection to support Common Core.”

Nirupama E. learned “new materials for younger readers” and plans to “share booklist with curriculum coordinators.”

Shelley T. learned “info on what to weed out for science tests in the library” and plans to “weed!”


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