School Library Evaluation

Patricia Owen’s session, “School Library Evaluation”

Description:  Do you need a new school librarian evaluation form in the wake of the Common Core Standards initiative? Join in a discussion about a school librarian evaluation form that includes professional standards and all 5 librarian roles. Learn to use evaluation materials that: mirror classroom teacher forms, help grow an evaluation portfolio, supply a professional development reading list, provide a chart

Patricia hopes attendees will be able to: create a school librarian assessment tool to use with the principal during the annual professional evaluation process.

Amy M. learned how to better collect and analyze data to present to her principal and plans to plan how to better collect data for her assessment and evaluation purposes.

Beth M. learned the importance of collaboration and collecting evidence and plans to take control of her own collaboration.

Cynthia G. learned to take lead on her own evaluation and work in collaboration with her principal and plans to get the book.

Ellen W. learned that there are many aspects to an evaluation that she hadn’t thought about and plans to read more articles about evaluation.

Jan D. learned librarian/teacher evaluation and plans to buy the book and use it with the resident educator program and school evaluation.

Karen G. learned how to take control of her own evaluation and plans to purchase the book and create her own evaluation.

Laura D. learned strategies to help with her evaluation plan as things are continually changing and plans to perhaps purchase the ebook to help.

Lila W. learned about another possible way to evaluate librarians and plans to do much research.

Michele K. learned that there is a format specific to her job and plans to share with principal and union.

Nellie S. learned about some tools to take to her admin to help with her evaluation and plans to play an active role in her evaluation tool in her district.


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