School and Public Library Collaboration: Creating a Symbiotic Relationship

Lisa Hubler’s session, “School and Public Library Collaboration: Creating a Symbiotic Relationship”

Description: This presentation will focus on the collaboration spanning the past 11 years between the South Euclid-Lyndhurst City Schools and the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Branch Library. The presentation will include how the collaboration was initiated, ways in which the libraries have worked together and suggestions for how others can replicate the ideas. Time will be allotted for attendees to work in small groups to discuss how they can get a public/school library collaboration started and ideas for collaborative activities.

Lisa hopes attendees will be able to: Identify the steps necessary to initiate a collaborative relationship between school and public libraries. Participants will also be able to detail ways in which they plan to collaborate.

Becky B. learned “different ways to collaborate with my county library” and plans to “call and meet with the county library.”

Emily R. learned “I am already doing many of the necessary collaborations” and plans to “continue to advocate for public/school collaborations.”

Kate H. learned “some ideas for working with the public library; collection development and programming” and plans to “share these ideas with my public library.”

Kathy M. learned “that our public library is doing a great job but we need to take advantage of their services” and plans to “reach out more often to our public library.  Try to [get] field trip to public library.”

Karen G. learned “how to start a collaboration got some great ideas!” and plans to “create a game plan to make a collaboration with the local library.”


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