Reading: Still the Most Important 21st Century Skill

Annie Ruefle’s session, “Reading: Still the Most Important 21st Century Skill”

Description: Ebooks or print; on-line or on parchment — none of it matters if our students are not readers. Despite explosions in the electronic reading world, and emphasis on students developing their 21st century skills, there remains huge gaps in reading achievement among students. School Librarians are positioned to be the literacy leaders in our schools, bringing students to the skill that will sustain all of their education. This session will show how to energize and connect with students so that they become active, engaged readers.

Annie hopes attendees will be able to: design one project or activity that directly involves students in a reading-related activity.

Brittany F. learned “some great ideas to get students excited about books and reading” and plans to “start a book club with my 6th graders at least 3 times a year and allow students to check out more books.”

Kathy M. plans to “remove more rules and limits.”

Lisa G. learned “ideas for book clubs” and plans to “create a simple club for 4th grade.”

Monica L. learned “so much! Amazing, tons of ideas – best session –  get kids excited – make it all fun!” and plans to “start reading groups – readers hall of fame – wow! – so much to do – wonderful ideas!”

Roberta M. learned “ways to encourage reading and to energize students to want to read” and plans to “implement some of the suggestions covered in the session and also develop some of my own activities and ideas.”


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