Reader’s Advisory in the 21st Century

Maria Hines’ session “Reader’s Advisory in the 21st Century”

Description: Create QR codes, create book trailers with students, post book trailers to the web.

Maria hopes that attendees will be able to: Help even the hardest to please student find the perfect book! Included in this session will be information about programs to use for creating book trailers, good sites for viewing book trailers, the process of creating book trailers with students and how to make QR codes to link students to trailers and/or book reviews. It’s the perfect marriage of books and technology!

Annette K. learned new ideas and plans to implement the plans.

Elisabeth C. learned about QR codes and book trailers and plans to try QR codes in her library.

Emily R. learned different options for getting kids to read.

Kathy M. learned the advantage of peer review and plans to start and student recommendation tree.

Lisa G. learned about Shelfari and School Tube and plans to explore Shelfari and Good Reads to see if she can use it with students somehow.

Mary Ann P. learned about making book trailers and info she did not know and plans to try some of these ideas at school.

Nellie S. learned of some great sites for promoting books and plans to start implementing some student recommended book talks and reviews.

Roberta M. learned how to create and use QR codes, creating book trailers, what tools are available to create both, and ways to promote books and encourage reading and plans to collaborate with English teachers to create projects for students to create book trailers and book reviews and use QR codes to link them to the book.

Sally B. learned about several resources and plans to help students make video book reviews/reader’s advisory.

Stacey G. learned how to help reluctant readers and spur interest.


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