QR Codes: Be There and Be Square

Lori Guerrini’s session, “QR Codes: Be There and Be Square”

Description: We all know that a media center has a lot to offer its patrons; however, getting others to understand its vast offerings and potential is not necessarily easy. This session is devoted to going in-depth in ways to highlight the services you and your facility offer to the students, staff & community. It will showcase a Prezi that I created to educate my school board and my administration. It will also show simple ways to get the word out to students and staff using Facebook, PowerPoint, MS Publisher, QR codes, and basic video editing.

Lori hopes that attendees will be able to: make a media center publicity Prezi for their board of education & administration; make an all out publicity blitz for students and staff about resources using QR, PPTX, Glogster, etc. ; have new ideas to connect with students.

Elisabeth C. learned about QR codes from making the code to scanning the code and plans to share with her teachers the use of QR codes in the classroom.

Nellie S. learned how to create QR codes and ideas for use in her library and plans to start using QR codes on books for students.


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