Preparing High School Students for a Bright Future

Ann Marie Smeraldi’s session, “Preparing High School Students for a Bright Future”

Description: Librarians have been lighting the way to college and career readiness for decades. With the implementation of the Common Core Standards on the horizon, school librarians have a fresh opportunity to breathe new life into their library instruction programs and enlighten students’ minds. During this session the presenter will compare the AASL and ACRL information literacy standards and illuminate their presence in the new Common Core. Using all three standards as a framework, the presenter will share lesson plans designed to teach high school students essential information literacy skills that will help them sparkle and shine in college and the workplace. Participants will have the opportunity to share their lesson plans and discuss best practices for college and career readiness.

Ann Marie hopes attendees will be able to: Use the AASL, ACRL and Common Core Standards to modify and create information literacy lesson plans for high school students.

Ann O. learned “to focus on a few aspects of the ACRL/AASL/ELA standards at first” and plans to “work with ELA teachers at high school level to try plagiarism lesson plan – and perhaps other lessons as well.”

Cynthia V. learned “about preparing students for academic research” and plans to “present this to senior and junior students and work with Bowling Green or University of Toledo.”

Debbie R. learned “how ACRL works together with AASL on Common Core” and plans to “use some of her 5 lesson plans.”

Father Timothy learned “what to emphasize with my students to get them ready for college” and plans to “emphasize college prep with our seniors.”

Jen W. learned “about great resources online and super lesson plans” and plans to “try a lesson plan.”

Lisa G. learned “an excellent way to develop topics” and plans to “use the carousel keyword idea.”

Paula G. learned “about how to prepare high-achieving students for college life using [the] library – excellent lesson plans” and plans to “implement some of these plans to assist students to use high school and college libraries.”

Shelley T. learned “new lessons to teach HS students concerning the differences between academic and public libraries and the connection between the various standards” and plans to “use the lesson plans and bring suggestions to my staff and teachers.”

Sue S. learned “some great lesson plans” and plans to “use the lesson plans – all 5 when I get back!”

Yvonne M. learned “practical, adjustable lessons” and plans to “think about how to create opportunities to use these lessons.”


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