New Release Books Your Students Will Love

Leslie Bermel’s session, “New Release Books Your Students Will Love”

Description: Thousands of children’s books are released each year; which do you choose? This booktalk highlights some of my new favorites among this season’s outstanding new or soon-to-be released titles (Fall and Winter ’13). The talk will include discussion of possible classroom uses, target audience, and why these particular books are so appealing. Participants will have access to personally review the titles discussed and will leave the session with a detailed hand out.

Leslie hopes attendees will be able to: know more about forthcoming books

Brittany F. learned “about new books to buy and excite my elementary students” and plans to “have a better idea of what to buy this year.”

Carol W. learned “about some great new primary books for our school library” and plans to “order some of the new suggestions.”

Diane M. learned “book reviews for new titles” and plans to “purchase some of these titles.”

Ellen W. learned “some wonderful titles to use with my students and suggestions for using books with students” and plans to “model the book talks with elementar teachers. Purchase some of the titles.”

Jackie Y. learned “about the new level NEK” and plans to “put it on my want list for next year.”

Kate H. learned “about some upcoming JLG titles” and plans to “read some!”

Kathy F. learned “about new books coming out” and plans to “join library guild.”

Kathy M. learned “about some great new books!” and plans to “order some new books!”

Kim S. learned “some new and exciting books” and plans to “look for these books in my JLG order.”

Kim T. learned “of many new titles that would work in my library” and plans to “buy several titles that were reviewed today.”

Linda M. learned “new books I would love to purchase for my library.”

Lorrie H. learned “about new books” and plans to “buy some of them.”

Marcia Y. learned “about some great new elementary titles to consider purchasing” and plans to “build order lists/tailor JLG orders to add some of the titles to collections.”

Martha W. learned “many new books at various readabilities” and plans to “share the catalog with the district media specialist.”

Nancy J. plans to “share the list of books presented.”

Roberta M. learned “about using selected books for classroom use” and plans to “collaborate with teachers to create projects using some of the titles.”

Sherry S. learned “of some great books to bring into the library” and plans to “purchase new books for my library.”

Susan W. learned “some nice new releases” and plans to “select a couple of these books.”


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