Learn about Library Leadership Ohio

Melissa Detwiler and Katie Sabol Campbell’s session, “Learn about Library Leadership Ohio”

Description: Learn about Library Leadership Ohio from a K-12 school librarian who participated in the 2012 program. The Library Leadership Ohio project and how attendance can benefit the school library will be highlighted. Additional input will be provided by Katie Campbell of the State Library of Ohio.

Melissa and Katie hope attendees will be able to: describe how to apply for Library Leadership Ohio and/or tell what types of programs are offered by Library Leadership Ohio.

Angela W. learned “about the process of applying for LLO – the benefits as well and what it’s all about” and plans to “apply to LLO (when it comes time) :).”

Emily R. learned “about Library Leadership Ohio – ever-changing ideas – it is exciting to think what will be offered next” and plans to “promote it to other school librarians in my area.”

Katie S. learned “things to do for 2014” and plans to “make changes to LLO 2014.”

Marie S. learned “[that] LLO is making sure our libraries have tech savvy leaders.”


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