Kindling an eReader Program in Your Library

Angie Stitzel’s session, “Kindling and eReader Program”

Description: Are you considering purchasing Kindles to loan out in your school library? Come and learn from my mistakes. Find out what other pioneers have done to manage their Kindles. Leave this presentation with background on how a Kindle loaning program was started in a high school setting. Sample loaning permission forms will be shared as well as strategies to manage purchasing, cataloging and loaning of Kindles. (Some information could relate to other eReaders but will specifically focus on the Amazon Kindle.)

Angie hopes that attendees will be able to: start an eReader loaning program at their school library.

Ann O. learned that she will need to check how one reader’s notes appear to subsequent reader’s.  Also that support items (charger) will add to cost and plans to check on purchasing options for ebooks with my district treasurer.

Laura W. said, “WOW! Thanks, solved my main holdup! Whispercast!” and plans to do it this weekend!


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