Keepin’ In Touch

Karen Gedeon & Lisa Barnes-Prince’s session, “Keepin’ in Touch”

Description: Are you the only certified LMS in your district? Do you feel like you are stranded on a deserted island all by yourself without another person who understands what you do in your profession? Attend this session and find out how to keep in touch with colleagues; keep your skills up to date in technology, collection development, library management and just for fun.

Karen and Lisa hope that attendees will be able to: network with other librarians by staying in contact with fellow LMS outside of their district and OELMA listserv.

Angela W. learned “about PLNs” and plans to “continue to be part of a PLN – and make more virtual space for meeting.”

Annette L. learned “networking and PLC are FUN and important” and plans to “keep inviting people to our group.”

Brooke R. learned “how to form a group with area librarians” and plans to “start getting our area librarians together more often.”

Jackie Y. learned “that a wiki could work for our HOECA group” and plans to “look into creating a wiki.”

Lisa G. learned “about PLNs” and plans to “share with my head librarian.”


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