Google Docs & Forms

Karon Lippincott’s session, “Google Docs & Forms”

Description: Harness the power of Google Docs and Forms to collaborate, gather and share information. Users with a Google Account will be able to participate.

After the session, Karon hopes attendees will be able to: Create a google doc and/or form and collaborate with others.

Shari W.: I learned how to implement Google Docs into the classroom. As a result, I plan to use what I learned today to develop PD for my teachers.

Stacey G: I plan to use Google Chrome and implement more Google Docs.

Anonymous: I learned all about Google Docs. As a result, I plan to use forms to collaborate with peers and students.

Janah S.: I learned about uploading docs, making copies, embedding videos, awesome!As a result, I plan to try these things out. I really enjoyed this. Would love to have another session that would get more in depth or maybe some hidden treasures. Thanks!

Laura F.: I learned ways to use Google Docs in the library or classroom. As a result, I plan to create a Google Form for book suggestions and link it to my catalog homepage.

Annie R.: I learned how easy and accessible Google Docs are for educators– how it can really help teachers plan and collaborate. As a result, I plan to set up an on-line collaboration between our middle school teachers (& me). We never have enough time to plan and collaborate! This can be a useful tool


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