GO!INFOhio: Ask, Act, Achieve Step-by-Step Help for Inquiry

Jennifer Schwelik’s session, “GO!INFOhio: Ask, Act, Achieve Step-by-Step Help for Inquiry”

Description: Big research projects can be daunting, especially for students who are just learning the skills they need to work through a long-term project. This new INFOhio website guides middle and high school students to tools and databases to help them learn how to use the tools necessary for thorough academic research. Join us to learn more about this site that helps students excel at research, and helps teachers introduce inquiry-based learning to their students.

Jennifer hopes attendees will be able to: Create collaborative inquiry-based lessons.
Create lessons incorporating research databases as critical houses of information.
Use open-source tools for research such as Zotero.
Use open-source tools for presentations such as VoiceThread.
Use assessment tools to determine student learning growth such as TRAILS.

Jackie Y. learned “about Zotero” and plans to “share with my MS/HS staff.”

Jan D. learned “R4S is coming for upper grades” and plans to “share with teachers.”

Karen M. learned “about go.infohio.org, about different wikipedia attitudes. I like the video! Thanks!” and plans to “use some of the videos that can be easily accessed.”

Kim T. learned “great research sources but not for my age group” and plans to “try to see what I can modify for my students (4+5).”

Lisa B.P. learned “about inquiry research process and how to get info off of the tool to teach to teachers and students” and plans to “try some collaboration with the health teacher as she assigns her kids to use research tools to do assignments.”

L.D. learned “a lot about recent offerings and how the go.infohio.org can help me and teachers and students” and plans to “really explore the Go site and share with teachers.”

Martha K.W. learned “about INFOhioGo, KC, Research4Success” and plans to “share with district librarian.”

Mary Ann C. learned “how to use the Ask! Act! Achieve! site” and plans to “share the site with teachers. Look into Zotero for AP classes.”

Stacey G. learned “to use the 3 AAA.”

Stephanie B. learned “about Research4Success” and plans to “take this back and share with my colleagues.”


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