Embedded Librarianship Through Edmodo

Sarah Thombery’s session, “Embedded Librarianship Through Edmodo”

Description:This year across Ohio K-5 teachers are implementing new science standards and curriculum. This session will highlight materials that support the new Ohio K-5 science standards. Leave with a list of materials that might be what your teachers most need as they build new science units and research projects for their students.

Sarah hopes attendees will be able to: identify the science units for each grade level K-5 and be aware of library materials available to purchase that support each unit.

Carol C. learned about Edmodo (very cool) and plans to share with Kathy L.

Diana P. learned how to use an Edmodo page in the library and plans to use one at her school.

Jan W. learned that she could do this because she uses Moodle and because she has 6 buildings and this would work because she doesn’t have to be there in person for everything and plans to explore the use of this concept at the jr. high school.

Joe F. learned resources for embedded librarianship and plans to perhaps move her plagiarism unit to Edmodo.

Karen M. learned more ways to communicate with teachers and make them more aware of the library and plans to work with her 10th grade English teacher with Edmodo.

Lila W. learned lots and plans to learn more.

Louise T. learned new interactive tricks for the library’s website and tips on working with teachers and plans to work with MS teachers on pathfinders, subscribe to NoodleTools, and apply some Edmodo tricks on her Moodle site.

Paula B. learned that Edmodo is an alternative to Moodle for setting up online project discussions that can be kept private, requiring login and plans to set up an Edmodo page for senior project research topic/paper help in addition to senior project resources she uses.


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