Bringing Heroes to Life

Liz Deskin and Christina Dorr’s session, “Bringing Heroes to Life”

Description: How can you make heroes come alive in your media center? We’ll show you how to combine the new reading/language arts and social studies standards with inquiry methods to do so. See interactive tools, such as new biographies, timelines, iPad apps, and more, put to use. Appropriate for all grade levels.

Liz and Christina hope attendees will be able to: Use inquiry methods, iPad tools, and web 2.0 tools to support teaching biographies of heroes.

Brittany F. learned about some great picture book biographies to use with the new CCS and emphasis on non-fiction and plans to purchase many of the suggested biographies and communicate about these resources with the teachers to start a conversation about using the Ask, Act, Achieve model with INFOhio with her teachers.

Joanna M. learned to explore webpath express and essay map and plans to share the wiki with her ES librarian.

Kate H. learned lats of biography resources and the Ask, Act, Achieve model and plans to look at resources and see what she could use with her teachers.

Kathy M. learned about INFOhio’s Ask, Act, Achieve and plans to share with some teachers.

Leah G. learned about bibme to document sources and about some neat apps to use and plans to develop a biography project with her fourth graders.

Monica L. learned to highlight, encourage and utilize biographies more with younger students [with] websites she did not [know] were available and plans to pull some biographies and use them for k-2 — great way to engage kids and encourage positive traits.

Samantha R. learned about Ask, Act, Achieve initiative– keeping things simple and plans to introduce these new online tools to students.

Theresa M. learned useful bookhunts and plans to look into apps.


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