Be the Information Literacy Leader in Your District

Barbara Reynolds & Lori Guerrini’s session, “Be the Information Literacy Leader in Your District”

 Description: Coach Barb Reynolds and other library staff associated with LGCA developed a workshop utilizing INFOhio’s 21 Things. Learn how this workshop, which can be offered for 2 graduate credits, was proposed to the LPDC and successfully implemented in a school district, meeting professional development needs. Library Media Specialists with a Master’s degree are eligible to apply for adjunct professor status to facilitate this workshop. All materials will be provided for complete implementation of this workshop.

Cathy L. learned how to make INFOhio’s 21 Things into a “real” professional development course and plans to pilot a 21 Things course with variable credit hours (take to LPDC).

Cheryl A. learned about the program and plans to think about incorporating this in her district.

Cynthia G. learned how to incorporate INFO 21 Things as PD in my building /district for graduate credit and plans to explore ways to use INFOhio’s 21 Things in our building.

Jan D. learned how to start a professional development course in order to collaborate with teachers and plans to do all the of 21 essential things.

Jan K. learned how a grad PD program can be created without reinventing the wheel and plans to look into the possibility of creating such a program.

Janah S. learned how to get professional development started in your school, keeping you at the forefront and plans to look more into this and talk to my iCoach.

Lara W. learned how EASY and DO-ABLE it is to pull this off in her district and plans to get started right away!

Nellie S. learned that much of the resources for the class are already available in Infohio and plans to take the proposal to her district and Ashland to offer this class beginning in January 2013.

Shari W. learned how to approach my district to incorporate PD and plans to discuss the possibility of implementing this into the district.


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