Attracting Reluctant Readers

B. A. Binns’s session, “Attracting Reluctant Readers”

Description: While most youth start out as voracious readers, some begin to lose interest in books in the early grades with long-term consequences. This program will discuss some reasons why students become so-called “reluctant readers”, and possible methods libraries of the future can utilize to draw these young people back to reading.

B. A. hopes that attendees will be able to: step in early to with books and techniques to get kids reading again.

Annette K. learned “less is more – given the chance, they will continue to read more and more books” and plans to “try to encourage all students to read at least one book and pray they become addicted to reading.”

Annie R. learned “once students begin to think of themselves as non-readers, it’s hard to pull them back” and plans to “work harder at the 3rd-4th grade students because that’s when they begin to drop off in reading interest.”

Anonymous learned “[to] use to pull students in” and plans to “get book reviews from students.”

Becky B. learned “several different ways to reach out to reluctant readers” and plans to “talk with my staff to see what they think about these new ideas.”

Cathy L. learned “boys/reluctant readers like short/thin books, series, another male reader model, book reviews” and plans to “look into Lorimer books (Side Streets), bring in local author.

Debbie R. learned “size matters! Keep book size to 120-150 pages – must learn to love to read as a child – it will set it” and plans to “give book talks to Basic students with smaller books!  Have book clubs/create a book mark with recommended books.”

Emily R. learned “tips and techniques on attracting reluctant readers” and plans to “try some new strategies at the library.”

Karen M. learned “that boys like a series and they still like to be read to” and plans to “start a blog or some way to have them give feedback/reviews.”

Lisa B. learned “all ages of children (and adults) enjoy being read to” and plans to “read some short stories – scary stories for Halloween – to study hall periods.”

Michele K. learned “about hi/lo publishers, ways to attract reluctant readers” and plans to “explore electronic ways to ‘spread the word’ – sources of titles.”

Monica L. learned “never give up! – involve them – give them role models.  Make it fun – find the one that they can read! Read to them!” and plans to “have the older kids come in and reader to younger ones.  Have the student do book reviews.  Any role model is a blessing and an encouragement – look for them at our school.”  She comments, “Check with the students – get recommendations from them.”

Rebecca P. learned “several ways to consider to bring in reluctant readers, especially role models” and plans to “create a centrally-located “suggestion box’ for student input.”

Sarah T. learned “to attract boys using covers and reviews” and plans to “attract boys using these strategies.”

Shari W. learned “about a new publishing company – Lorimer” and plans to “look into the books through Lorimer for my reluctant readers.”

Tracy S. learned “why readers become reluctant and some titles/authors to look into” and plans to “create a booklist and call it, ‘Hate Reading? Try This!'”


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