Advocate Like A Coach For Your Library Program

Krista Taracuk’s session, “Advocate Like A Coach For Your Library Program”

Description: Feeling frustrated about your role in the school hierarchy? This session will offer practical suggestions and ideas on how to work within the system to understand administrators as well as teens and their interests when advocating for the library program.

Krista hopes attendees will be able to: Participants will leave with multiple practical suggestions on how to advocate for their library program.

Ann O. learned “to recognize and observe the coaches in my district and to emulate their behavior” and plans to “develop a lunch program with students.”

Debbie M. learned “a tremendous amount of great ideas” and plans to “work to change administrator’s ideas.”

Janah S. learned “that I need to do more promotion for what we’ve got going on” and plans to “get talking with administration.”

Shari W. learned “the importance of having goals that are obtainable” and plans to “implement a book club and book talks.”


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