Adventures in Google Docs

Mary Ann Christopher’s session “Adventures in Google Docs”

Description: In Spring 2011, Yellow Springs Schools decided to migrate from Microsoft Office to Google Apps for Education; that May, we rolled out Gmail and Google Docs for the staff. January 2012, we rolled out Google Docs for students in Grades 3-12. We had great successes and hit a few bumps along the road. In this presentation, attendees will learn about the pros and cons of using Google Docs and see examples of its various uses.

Mary Ann hopes attendees will be able to:  state some pro’s and con’s of Google Docs and evaluate the possible use of Google Docs in their district.

Annette L. loved seeing how other schools are using Google Docs and plans to start using templates.

Annette K. learned Google Docs and says that “our school is switching to Google Chrome this year.”

Debbie M. learned lots of good tips and plans to talk with her tech administrator.

Father Timothy learned what Google Docs is all about and plans to talk to his tech person.

Janah S. learned some new information about using a closed email system and plans to try out some new ideas/things with Google Docs.

Laura D. learned good examples of how to use and why to use Google Docs (apps) and plans to explore more Google Docs (apps) tools especially the presentation and forms.

Martha W. learned a lot about Google Docs that she was honestly unaware of when she entered the room and plans to share with her district coordinator.

Shari W. learned ways to present Google Docs to the teachers in her building and plans to hold training sessions for the k-3 teachers that are starting to use google docs.


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