Linda Swarlis’s session, “LibGuides & Only 2 Clicks”

Description: As the resources available to our students become more varied, how is it possible to create pathfinders or subject guides that combine multiple formats? LibGuides is a solution that many colleges and K-12 schools have chosen. Not only can resources be combined, but it is possible to check quickly for broken links and to keep accurate statistics. A second resource,Only2clicks, is free and allows you to store links arranged by subjects or topics and share them with your students.

After the session, I hope attendees will learn to: one of the following three things:

1. Create an Only2clicks page of resources for students in their school OR

2. Explore resources contained in other school library LibGuides and add those resources to their own content management system OR

3. Create their own LibGuides account.

Laura P.: How Only2Clicks works and its cautionary features. That LibGuides costs $ but is way better for multiple functions (link checker!!, collaborating with other librarians). As a result, I plan to Investigate it for purchase at UAHS. Need to know: flat fee or per student fee.

Paula G.: I learneda new way to organize and provide access to websites through “Only2Clicks.” Also learned about the flexibility and features of “LibGuides.” As a result, I plan to Start building resources on “Only2Clicks” and investigate LibGuides subscriptions.

Ruth R.: I learned I have been missing out by not using Only2Clicks with students. As a result, I plan to implement this resource as a link from my library web pages. Thank you!

Kris J.: I learned about the limitations of Only2Clicks and the cost limitations of LibGuides. As a result, I plan to explore the LibGuides community resources.

Theresa M.: I learned info for subject guides pathfinders deeper than a browse. As a result, I plan to use it.

Victoria K.: I learned about Only2Clicks and LibGuides. Only2Clicks is free; LibGuides has a yearly fee, is much more extensive. As a result, I plan to get a free trial and check out LibGuides for my school. I might share with some of my teachers.

Debbie M.: I learned a great deal of information new to me. As a result, I plan to share with my teachers the Only2Clicks.

Barb S.: I learned a great introduction to LibGuides. It can be used to narrow down the web. LibGuides checks broken links. As a result, I plan to work on webpages by using LibGuides or Only2Clicks.

Fr. Tim.: I learned what LibGuides were all about. Heard about it but didn’t know exactly what its use was. As a result, I plan to try to set this up to see if its worthwhile for our schools use.

Christina S.: I learned why LibGuides are a good choice. As a result, I plan to update my info on my webpage and explore ways to make elec. pathfinders.

Marilyn W.: I learned how to digitally make “pathfinders” LibGuides and how they can be used in the schools. As a result, I plan to approach some of the teachers about my developing pages for some of their projects.

Trent R.: I learned what LibGuides and Only2Clicks are and how they are used to provide links and resources for patrons. As a result, I plan to purchase a LibGuides subscription and develop my own LibGuides full of web-resources and documents relevant to my patrons.

Billie H.: I learned about the diverse uses of LibGuides & 2Clicks. As a result, I plan to get serious about developing libguides/ pathfinders for my staff of teachers.

Lori L.: I learned about the ease of Only2Clicks. I did not know LibGuides were open to the public. As a result, I plan to research LibGuides that are out there. I might share the LibGuides with teachers.

Jan D.: I learned how to create LibGuides. LibGuides can check for broken links & give statistics. As a result, I plan to look into purchasing LibGuides & I will play around with 2Clicks away.

Cynthia V.: I learned to set up LibGuides- I am sold! Create and borrow from others’ sites. As a result, I plan to set up my school pathfinders and have my teachers share their links/resources. Thank you!

Lisa G.: I learned about As a result, I plan to look into adding to our library webpage after talking to my head librarian.

Winnie M.: I learned about the advantages of using LibGuides vs. Only2Clicks. It checked broken online links. Hello! I’m Sold! As a result, I plan to go back to school & beg for $ to subscribe & then support my teachers’ curriculum via LibGuides.

Angie S.: I learned LibGuides would be a very effective easy tool for content curation. As a result, I plan to purchase a subscription to LibGuides.

Cathy L.: I learned where to find libguides, vost vs. free, what they are good for, types and tools to create and edit. As result, I plan to use concept or link to libguides from my LRC page, create libguides for classes.

Patricia O.: I learned about pathfinders/libguides > webpages with links to resources/ tools for a specific course. Only2Clicks > had not learned of it before.  It is shared with the public. As a result, I plan to use them with teachers during senior projects this year and add junior next year. She gave very specific directions to use the sites. I liked  the “mouse over” notes, file tabs, pages, subpages, content boxes. I loved guide tracking.

Cherie P.: I learned the difference between the two programs. As a result, I plan to create my own version using Only2Clicks.



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