YA Fiction for grades 9-12

Krista Taracuk’s session, “YA Fiction for grades 9-12”

Description: Attend this fun and energetic update on 2012 YA fiction. This presentation is designed for the busy high school librarian who would like to read more YA fiction but can’t find the time to sort through every piece of YA lit that hits the presses. Lots of giveaways.

Krista hopes attendees will be able to: identify interesting 2012 titles in multiple genres for students in grades 9-12.

Annette K. learned “[I] got 2 free books which our students will love.  Thanks!”

David H. learned “[about] many highly rated new books for students in grades 9-12, including a book by elementary author I know… George Ella Lyon with the book Holding on to Zoe” and plans to “download the list and use as a resource.”

Debbie M. learned “GREAT PICKS” and plans to “Share with the kids!”

Debbie R. learned “just about great new books!” and plans to “read and purchase several new books.”

Jayne R. learned “good reviews of new books” and plans to “go online and search at [Barnes & Noble] and choose for my library’s purchases.”

Karen G. learned “about a ton of books” and plans to “purchase some of the titles for my library.”

Karen M. learned “[about] new titles and recommendations” and plans to “consider these as I purchase – and use my Kindle…”

Kim T. learned “great new titles” and plans to “pass along titles.”

Laura P. learned “Robin Yocum has a new book! (The Essay)” and WILL “sign-up this year for Krista’s blog.”

Michele K. learned “about new and recommended YA titles” and plans to “purchase some of the books – especially reluctant reader titles.”

Mary Ann C. learned “some great titles, both for specific units and for ‘pleasure readings'” and plans to “purchase several for the HS/MS library and share title list with LA teachers.”

Trent R. learned “about some excellent YA books for my high school” and plans to “try and purchase some of these titles for my reluctant readers and for everyone else :)”


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