Solving the Common Core Puzzle with INFOhio Inquiry Matrix and Other INFOhio resources FEEDBACK

Gayle Geitgey’s session, “Solving the Common Core Puzzle with INFOhio Inquiry Matrix and Other INFOhio resources FEEDBACK” 

Description: Are you trying to deconstruct the Common Core standards, looking for cross-curricular connections or thinking about the increased emphasis on research, literacy and text complexity? Join this session to find the answer to the standards puzzle through the INFOhio Inquiry Matrix and other INFOhio resources. Learn how the shifts in the standards can bring focus, coherence, rigor and relevance to your library inquiry program.

Gayle hopes attendees will be able to: identify how to use INFOhio Common Core tools in their library inquiry program.

Here is what some intrepid badgers have shared via Badge slips:

Amy B. learned “how my teachers can use iMatrix to help teach inquiry skills” and plans to “use the iMatrix for high school when it is developed.”

Ann O. learned “that iMatrix is searchable by grade level, topics, and standard” and plans to “explore iMartix at the second grade level ELA to help prepare students for 3rd grade.”

Barb S. plans to “explore Common Core with more understanding!”

Cynthia V. learned “iMatrix, PARCC, literary & Standards, cross-curriculum” and plans to “bring this info to my principals for curriculum coordination – collaboration and partnership with teachers.”

Elisabeth C. learned “about Ohio’s new learning standards and how iMatrix can be a beneficial piece to these standards” and plans to “share with my teachers ans administrators the iMatrix tool.”

Father Timothy learned “a better understanding of Common Core and how it will affect me” and plans to “look at INFOhio toolkit and see how it will effect high schools.”

Jan D. learned “more on how the library media specialist can help classroom teachers navigate the Common Core” and plans to “explore PARCC and iMatrix in order to prepare for Common Core.”

Laura D. learned “how iMatrix will help lesson development” and plans to “dive into iMatrix and show it to leaders.”

Marilyn W. learned “more about the Common Core Standards and how I can be a vital part of the learning process” and plans to “talk with the teachers and show them how I can help with the learning process.”

Melanie W. learned “that the iMatrix is really coming together BEAUTIFULLY.  I believe librarians are going to lead the charge!” and plans to “GET GOING WITH TWITTER & FOLLOW GAYLE.  Let’s please stay in touch!”

Melissa D. learned “where the inquiry skills assistance is located through IMatrix” and plans to “share with a teacher where these are located.  I also want to explore the iMatrix ‘Using Matrix’ more.”

Nellie S. learned “great resources to share with staff to help them transition to ‘New Ohio Learning Standards'” and plans to “explore these resources further and become an expert to be able to share with others in my district.”


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