Pushing the Envelope with Urban Literature

Lara Walker’s session, “Pushing the Envelope with Urban Literature” 

Description: Do you have students asking you for urban literature? I do! Last year, students as young as 7th grade were asking me for books that I didn’t have in my library. I decided to bite the bullet and get some books that they would want to read. I did some research and came up with a list of books–some appropriate for middle school and some appropriate for high school–that will be provided to attendees. Go beyond Bluford High and come away with some titles that you should be able to defend.

Lara hopes attendees will be able to:
…justify or defend the decision to purchase urban literature for their library collections
…understand the history, appeal, and value of urban literature
…create their own list of urban literature, appropriate for both middle school and high school, to purchase for their library collections

Here is what some intrepid badgers have shared via Badge slips:

Annie R. learned “many schools are interested in this area…lots of book suggestions…most books don’t glamorize, but provide hope and alternatives” and plans to “expand my collection–the demand at my school is great!”

Beth M. learned “more ideas regarding urban lit for my library” and plans to “add more urban lit.”

Emily C. learned “about the history of urban lit and the current market in YA urban lit” and plans to “buy the speaker’s suggested titles for my library.”

Patricia T. learned “the definition of and other info about urban fiction” and plans to “seriously consider adding more urban lit to our collection.”


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