News You Can Use: Creating Newsletters for Your Staff

Angela Wojtecki’s session, “News You Can Use: Creating Newsletters for Your Staff”

Description: This session will go over the start-to-finish process of creating a routine educational technology newsletter for your entire staff, whether a district or one building. This is also a great way to help promote and advocate your library services to your staff, Principals, and Board of Education. I will also present the features of Google Reader, which is the main resource I use for gathering articles for my monthly newsletter topics.

Angela hopes attendees will be able to: create a newsletter for their staff from beginning stages to publication and distribution to their staff.

Angie S. learned “techniques and resources to get content for a library newsletter” and plans to “try a newsletter with my staff.”

Annette L. learned “Prezi downloads!” and plans to “update my readers.”

Becky B. learned “about several different ways to make a newsletter, Google Reader, and Zite” and plans to “use these two ways to get me started on my 1st newsletter.”

Brittany F. learned “about great resources to find PD articles/ideas” and plans to “REALLY start a monthly newsletter/in-“stall”-ment to share library resources and tech tools with teachers.”

Christina learned “newsletter ideas.”

Cynthia G. learned “how to get RSS feeds through my gmail account” and plans to “explore the possibility of doing some type of regular mass communication with the staff and administration.”

Karen G. learned “[about] Google Reader + RSS feeds – GREAT – and places where I can create my own newsletter” and plans to “start m own newsletter – can’t wait!”

Lisa G. learned “about Zite” and plans to “work on a way to implement it when I start a new blog/newsletter in the next month or so.”

Rebecca P. learned “several new and useful places to go and things to read” and plans to “explore the idea further.”

Trent R. learned “the benefits of newsletter and how they should be used in the SLM’s position” and plans to “try and create my own newsletter for my district to advocate for certified librarians and what we do.”

Winnie M. learned “great ideas about communicating with staff and found out about Zite and Tweeting” and plans to “be a more consistent blogger :)”


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