It’s a Challenge: Preparing Students for the Future

Jan Warden’s session, “It’s a Challenge: Preparing Students for the Future”

Description: Jan worked with an English/computer teacher to develop and teach a writing and research course called “Surviving College.” She will share resources, ideas, and tips for preparing students for the world outside high school. Time will be available for discussion among participants.

Jan hopes attendees will be able to: locate print and digital resources to use, in order to help high school juniors and senior as they transition to college.

The participants should be able to select from the session, one area of skills development and focus on developing and locating resources to use with the students.

Here is what some intrepid badgers have shared via Badge slips:

Amy M. learned “some great resources to use within my current curriculum and do it on Monday!” and plans to “use many of these resources to complement what I already do!”

Cherie P. learned “to check to see if we can afford” and plans to “use these ideas in my college class on Monday.”

Debbie M. learned “a tremendous amount of good info to help students” and plans to “share with my teachers.”

Father Timothy learned “how to easily organize my lit. info” and plans to “use live binder.”

Keith C. learned some tools to take to my seniors that he advises and plans to review/choose information to share with those seniors.

Nellie S. learned “about some great resources to use with students” and plans to “create a livebinders account and copy this binder.”

Stacey G. learned how to get different websites to build student skills and plans to help her teachers to help seniors get ready for college.


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