How I Geeked Out and Learned to Like It!

Cathy Leininger’s session, “How I Geeked Out and Learned to Like It!”

Description: “My LRC Student Advisory Committee came up with so many suggestions for Teen Tech Week and the “Geek Out” theme that we took a whole month to celebrate our various “geekinesses.” We even had some good conversations about diversity and bullying. Learn what worked and what didn’t through Star Wars / Star Trek week, Puzzle week including manga and anime, Dystopia week, and videogame week.”

Cathy hopes attendees will be able to: Plan a library program based on student interests and technology.

Amy M. learned “how to better organize teen programming” and plans to “take this back to my task force and start planning!”

Anonymous learned “about Geek Month – Teen Tech Week” and plans to “think about sponsoring a geek celebration in my library.”

Anonymous learned “about Google Glasses – wow! – crazy!” and plans to “share ideas with our student group at school.”

Becky B. learned “a lot of good ideas that I can use to maybe draw in non-readers” and plans to “use a lot of these ideas.”

Cherie P. learned “how to help students enjoy nerd status in the library. Love the Bill Gates quote.”

Kris J. learned “programming ideas for +/s library” and plans to “[develop] Dystopian novels programs tied to our most popular novels.”

Paula G. learned “many ways to use geek ideas for programs” and plans to “invite students to help plan activities for a special theme week.”


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