GO!INFOhio: Ask, Act, Achieve Step-by-Step Help for Inquiry

Melissa Higgs Horwell’s session, “GO!INFOhio: Ask, Act, Achieve Step-by-Step Help for Inquiry” 

Description: Big research projects can be daunting, especially for students who are just learning the skills they need to work through a long-term project. This new INFOhio website guides middle and high school students to tools and databases to help them learn how to use the tools necessary for thorough academic research. Join us to learn more about this site that helps students excel at research, and helps teachers introduce inquiry-based learning to their students.

Melissa hopes attendees will be able to: Create collaborative inquiry-based lessons.
Create lessons incorporating research databases as critical houses of information.
Use open-source tools for research such as Zotero.
Use open-source tools for presentations such as VoiceThread.
Use assessment tools to determine student learning growth such as TRAILS.

Here is what some intrepid badgers have shared via Badge slips:

Amy B. learned “how to use the INFOhio tool with my students” and plans to “use the tool and take the INFOhio tool back to my middle school librarians.”

Amy M. learned “about many tools that I can use to address research gaps in my current instruction! Plagiarism tutorial for example” and plans to “present this to my English dept.”

Barb S. learned “helpful introduction to Ask! Act! Achieve! Really has me thinking about what is already available” and plans to “keep working with 5-8 on research process. Will go to Learning Commons to be sure I have tools I need.”

Carol C. plans to “share with Kathy Lewis.”

Connie C.  learned “about Zotero website, using INFOhio to address the Common Core” and plans to “share website and info with appropriate teachers.”

Cynthia V. learned “about Ask, Act, Achieve research” and plans to “present this to my curriculum coordinator and English dept.”

Dawn R. learned “good steps for research, talked about Wikipedia plagiarism” and plans to “work with the teachers on some of these skills.”

David H. learned “Common Core standards provide rigor to the Ohio Standards and AASL Standards go even a little further than the Common Core” and plans to “align my library lessons to Common Core Standards.”

Debbie M. learned “how INFOhio is helping relate to the Common Core” and plans to “tell other principals (I’m HS only) about Go!”

Dexter L. learned “INFOhio website and inquiry for students” and plans to “use as P.D. for staff.”

Emily C. learned “how to use/access the Go Ask, Act, Achieve site developed by INFOhio” and plans to “share with the junior high library aide and consider how to utilize this tool.”

Jayne R. learned “Go! Ask, Act, Achieve” and plans to “share with staff.”

Jean K. learned “about the wealth of tools in this resource” and plans to “promote and demo it to colleagues when I return to school.”

Keith C. learned “about the resources on Ask, Act, Achieve” and plans to “learn it in more detail and present it to teachers.”

Laura F. learned “about the new Ask! Act! Achieve! for middle school students and teachers” and plans to “share this resource with students and staff.”

Laura P. learned “that this was designed for MS, has tools within tools, that there’s a KBC for us” and plans to “continue to gather data of student choices of tools and present it to freshmen “house” teachers so they can assign to top choices as part of an assignment.”

Lila W. learned “the difference between Go! and Zotero and lots more” and plans to “show this to my teachers, esp. English.”

Louise T. plans to “present this resource — or some of its components — to teachers and students. Also going to get back to KBC.”

Marilyn W. learned “about goinfohio.org and the research tools for students” and plans to “research the site and use it for instruction for middle school students.”

Tharen H. learned “ways to use Act to be more effective” and plans to “show more pieces to students in my class.”

Theresa M. learned “more in depth info about AAA” and plans to “dig deeper into the site — found valuable resources to use to enhance my work.”


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