Finding the Right Nook, Funding, and Implementation Plan

Deb Logan’s session, ” Finding the Right Nook, Funding, and Implementation Plan”

Description: Thinking of adding a collection of eReaders to your library? Don’t know where to start? Join this practical, tip-filled journey that starts with a plan to involve district goals, teachers, students, administrators, parents and community members in putting together an LSTA Grant, policies and procedures, and ends with adding 30 classroom Nooks and 40 circulating library nooks with nearly 2,000 titles to our library. Barnes and Noble Community Relations Manager Stefanie Heinsen will answer questions.

Deb hopes attendees will be able to: develop a concept for a LSTA Grant, involve stakeholders in implementing new technologies, and make a plan to implement an ereader program.

Cathie A. learned “ways to use Nooks with teachers. classrooms” and plans to “take info back to my district as we decide what to use.”

Laura D. learned “some info about LSTA grant writing and hints about using/managing Nook eReaders” and plans to investigate district policies and plans regarding eReaders [unreadable] school provided devices.”

Nellie S. learned “that there is a Barnes & Noble person who can help with my implementation of the Nook” and plans to “contact Stephanie to get the kinks worked out of our eBook policies.”



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