Curating with Intent

Emily Colpi’s session, “Curating with Intent”

Description: Curation Tools are a big tech trend right now, but do they have any value in the library and classroom? Emily Colpi is on a mission to find out. Join her to learn what a curation tool is and how they’re being used to archive the Internet and to tell stories out of snippets of social media. She’ll share her experiments with curation in the library and classroom and reveal what she’s learned.

Emily hopes attendees will be able to: Define web curation, identify curating tools, and identify ways curation tools could be used in the library/classroom setting.

Angie S. learned “what curation is and the different tools available to curate my own content” and plans to “begin curating and sharing my own content.”

Jean K. learned “everything I did not know or did not know I didn’t know I didn’t know about curation” and plans to “take a good look at Storify.”

Lara W. learned “what it is and how to use it” and plans to “suggest projects to my teachers and figure out how we can use it with the students.”

Paula B. learned “that Storify is web-based – I have been using the app – didn’t know about the bookmarklet tool” and plans to “encourage teachers I work with to incorporate more curation tools for projects.”

Nirupama E. learned “about different and new curation tools” and plans to “create a unit with relevant materials using one of the tools.”

Sue S. learned “about the many different curation tools – wow!” and plans to “try Pinterest for creating a board!”

Winnie M. learned “how to more clearly use it with my teachers.  I didn’t know that you can use Nextmag to create faux articles” and plans to “promote it with staff and be a curating advocate.”


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