Blended Learning and Your Library

Roger Minier’s session, “Blended Learning and Your Library”

Description: an introduction Discover the latest research, trends and practices of Blended Learning – and how these will impact YOUR traditional and online services. We will look at some of the most frequently used online resources teachers select when developing courses which combine online and traditional classroom instruction, AND how you can – and should – be a vital part of this process. We will also discuss the role of print materials, use of iPads, eText, smartphones and other resources of blended learning instruction.

Roger hopes attendees will be able to: identify the first step teachers should take to begin Blended Learning, identify how media specialists can support this step, identify at least one research study or model of Blended Learning, and explain why teachers will be asking for DIFFERENT materials next year.

Ann O. learned “blended learning – a combination of online and face-to-face instruction, improves student learning and helps prepare [them] for college and career” and plans to “encourage elementary principal and teachers to increase online time to help prepare students for assessments.”

Barb R. learned “1) aspects of PARCC, 2) implications of Blended Learning options, and 3) iNACOL standards” and plans to “1) get to a PARCC assessment meeting, 2) pursue iNACOL materials.”

Betsey L. learned “great things to consider for BUOT” and plans to “share with tech staff and curriculum director.”equipment that will be used for PARCC testing, inefficiency of certain devices for testing” and plans to “share the data from the above items.”

Elisabeth C. learned “Blended Learning is a beneficial model to use for learning especially to prepare for the PARCC Tests” and plans to “share this presented information to my administrators.”

Jean K. learned “what Blended Learning [modules] are – District Policies a must!” and plans to “share this info with curriculum and technology directors in my district.”

Karen M. learned “different forms of Blended/Online Learning” and plans to “discuss with my administrators how need to add more online content and discussions.”

Laura J. learned “about different types of Blended Learning” and plans to “share with curriculum director, do more research.”

Nancy K. learned “that my school must move forward quickly! Great info!” and plans to “talk with my principal about beginning/introducing Blended Learning, especially testing practice first.”

Rebecca V. learned “hot to implement, hot to set up policies, pitfalls to be aware of” and plans to “become Blended Learning ‘force’ in my school.”

Sally B. learned “time required with testing format/equipment and time to implement Blended Learning, get students/staff to do some online coursework.”

Shari W. learned “how important implementing Blended Learning is to the future success of the PARCC assessments” and plans to “discuss the needs for implementing Blended Learning and information literacy skills into courses.”

Tracy S. learned “the exposure to online assessments/courses is essential to my students” and plans to “advocate for the purchase of online assessment program in my district and provide PD on how to implement them.”


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