Badge Yourself Feedback!

Many of our presenters opted in to giving badges in exchange for participants’ sharing their new learnings. For those sessions in which adding badging to their presentation was not a good fit, we offered the Badge Yourself! option. Participants can stop by the badging table, pick up a self-badging slip, and turn in their completed thoughts for a badge.

Here is what some intrepid badgers have shared via Badge Yourself slips:

Lisa G. attended the Connecting the Buckeye Book Award Winners w/ACS session. She learned that “the nomination of the books is actually a great process.” She plans to “have third or fourth graders choose a book to campaign for and promote to the entire building and then participate in the nomination process. I will definitely check out the wikispace for teaching ideas!”

Shari W. attended Kathy Schrock’s keynote session on infographics. She learned “the importance of implementing infographics across the curriculum.” She plans to “implement infographic assessments in content areas.”  Amy B. learned “what infographics are and how to use them” and plans to “use infographics to do monthly reports, advocate, try to get teachers to use them for class projects.”

David H. attended author Susan Campbell Bartoletti’s session. He learned “several ways to draw out students’ knowledge and interest as a jumping off point for writing.” As a result of attending this session, he plans to “get the handout page from Susan’s website and use with classes.”  Amy B. learned “about the non-fiction writing process and more about her books” and plans to “highlight [Bartoletti’s books] with my history teachers at school and encourage them to do research/non-fiction writing.”  Jayne R. learned “how [Bartoletti] pursues a story and character and makes them her voice” and plans to “read some of her novels.”

Amy B. attended Frank Baker’s Media Literacy session.  She learned “what is media literacy, where it is in the Common Core” and plans to “create lessons on vis. literacy that meet Common Core – advertise to my teachers to bring their kids down for me to teach it.”


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